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The Past - The Lace, Art&History Chapter 1 Chapter 2
Venice Home Collection® is based in San Donà di Piave (Venice, Italy), it manufactures and distributes under its registered trade mark, premium quality household linen: tablecloths, bed linens, terry towels, bathrobes, curtains, velvet.
Since its very beginning Venice Home Collection®’s products were a big success all over the world because of their absolute finest fabrics , original designs and great attention and care for details.
All fabrics and laces are made according to Company’s own designs and specifications.
  Design preserves the memory of centuries of Venetian tradition. In addition the Company has developed refined modern collections with new warm colors.
Made to measure sizes are available in almost all the products.
Our products have been studied to last long, also with an everyday use.
Even products with lace can be machine washed because the ultimate quality of fabrics and lace (see Product Care). Fabrics, laces and manufacturing are entirely Made in Italy.
The Past - The Lace, Art&History Chapter 1 Chapter 2
Venice Home Collection® is synonimous of fine linens and beddings products, preserving the old Venetian tradition of beautiful linens, embellished with rich laces.
To point out the importance that laces played in the old Venetian times starting from the 15th century it is necessary a shorth historical background. Venice gained immense wealth over the last seven centuries, primarily from the trade and commerce of spices such as pepper, cinnamon etc., which were bought in the ports of Beiruth, Costantinople (Istanbul) and Alexandria in Egypt and sold in all continental Europe.
The lifestyle of the rich Venetians was so elevated that already, at the end of the 14 hundreds, the Venetian government was forced to intervene in order to limit the excess of luxury displayed by Venetian ladies that at one point, wore up to 15 kilos of jewels in gold and precious gems.
  To by-pass the Governament’s decision, the Venetian ladies decided to transfer this richness to their clothing and linens by introducing the handwork and use of Venetian lace, which was so refined that it become more precious than gold itself. In effect, the Venetian needle point lace is extremely expensive because it is made of tiny stitches using only a simple needle and thred, without a fabric support.

It is for this reason that is called a “stitch in the air”. A pair of cuff was far more expensive than a gold bracelet. The Venetian embroiders were so skilled that in order to realize genuine Venetian needle point lace they used seven different kind of stitches.
This Venetian fashion was quickly adopted by all the royal courts of Europe primarily in Belgium and France.

The Past - The Lace, Art&History Chapter 1 Chapter 2
Paradoxically, the origins of the Venetian needle point lace originally came from the handworks skills of the poor fishermen’s wifes who continuosly patched the holes in their husband’s trousers using only needle and thread as they were far too poor to own fabrics.

With the political and economical decline of Venice, the art of lace making was almost lost for more than two centuries and came back into vogue at the end of the 18 hundreds.
In a very short time, the Venetian lace decorated the trousseaux of the world’s most noble families. Over the years the tradition of fine linen with lace has been preserved up to the present times without sacrificing elegance to the everyday needs of practicalty.

  The present production has remained faithful to traditions, excluding any form of mass production in order to offer items made in the same way as in the past.


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